Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fiesta Fauxtobooth!

This year I was one of Ford's Fiesta agents - drove around for 6 months with free gas and insurance in a not-yet-released-in-the-USA Fiesta! It was an amazing experience.

I managed to get a bunch of the other agents into my Fauxtobooth! You may recognize them from YouTube and whatnot! :D

Alison Haislip, Michael Aranda
Fauxtobooth: Alison Haislip Fauxtobooth: Michael Aranda

Chris Thompson, Brigitte Dale
Fauxtobooth: Chris Thompson Fauxtobooth: Brigitte Dale

Olga Kay, Thomas Knoll & Brittani Taylor,
Fauxtobooth: Olga Kay Fauxtobooth: Thomas Knoll & Brittani Taylor

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