Monday, June 2, 2008

Street Fauxtobooth

Sometimes you can use whatever is around as your backdrop for Fauxtobooth!

Last night, I wandered around Park Slope with Mike and Marshana. Here we are! You can see all my photos from the night here.

Mike & me / Mike & Marshana:
Fauxtobooth: Mike & Hilary Fauxtobooth: Mike & Marshana

Marshana & me / a super-cool fun chick we met on the street:
Fauxtobooth: Marshana & Hilary Fauxtobooth: Stranger

1 comment:

Marquina said...

What a great idea! I love fauxtobooth! I'm glad I ran into you guys last night. Looked like you were having a blast.

Let me know if you need more subjects, I think all my friends would be into this....

love and bunnies,

*the girl in the yellow and navy shirt